Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY Necktie Necklace

I'm assuming that the pic of what looks like a woman's bare chest is what spiked most of your interest to click on this blog link.  Sorry to disappoint, it's an armless mannequin....

"Tie-One-On" Neckties by Marty Currie

These funky tie creations are something I can't take credit for, all is due to my creative momma!  My mom is known to take random objects and reinvent them, so these cute necklaces were of no surprise to us.

Mom take's a men's tie, cut's it in half and uses the skinny end

She then doubles over one end and sews it to create a loop for the opposite end to feed through

A fun vintage brooch is added to each tie for sparkle and personality

My mom has a tendency to come up with some pretty um... "unique" ideas....  that I have to "embrace". However, ever so often she hits a home run, and I think this is one of those.  Each time she's taken these ties to craft shows and festivals they are a hit.  A great example of working with out of the box materials, she is a right brained one!

Love you mom!


  1. These are great! Years ago I made a bag from about a dozen vintage silk ties. Ties are so versatile and this is such a great idea.