Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY Necktie Necklace

I'm assuming that the pic of what looks like a woman's bare chest is what spiked most of your interest to click on this blog link.  Sorry to disappoint, it's an armless mannequin....

"Tie-One-On" Neckties by Marty Currie

These funky tie creations are something I can't take credit for, all is due to my creative momma!  My mom is known to take random objects and reinvent them, so these cute necklaces were of no surprise to us.

Mom take's a men's tie, cut's it in half and uses the skinny end

She then doubles over one end and sews it to create a loop for the opposite end to feed through

A fun vintage brooch is added to each tie for sparkle and personality

My mom has a tendency to come up with some pretty um... "unique" ideas....  that I have to "embrace". However, ever so often she hits a home run, and I think this is one of those.  Each time she's taken these ties to craft shows and festivals they are a hit.  A great example of working with out of the box materials, she is a right brained one!

Love you mom!

DIY Lighting

I love DIY designs, probably because I love to make things.  I also just love things!  I mean, why have a boring standard lamp in your room when you can have a cool art piece that gives light?!  Here's a collection of unique DIY lighting I've stumbled across.  Some are in my back pocket waiting for the right living space to be born in!  Actually, I did attempt the last one you'll see ... the plastic cup pendant. It's actually a lot easier to build than you'd think.  

Ok well check them out, be inspired, go create!

Silverware Chandelier

Colorful Food Crates

Not DIY, just cool
Design by Rafael Morgan-Unique Design

Coffee Tin's Pendant

Vintage Coffee Tin Lamp

Tea Cup Lamp and Chandelier

Plastic Cup Pendant

If you're looking to create the "plastic cup pendant" just make sure you do Plastic, and no hot glue gun :)  I actually did mine in styrofoam but when it comes time to bending the cups into shape the styrofoam breaks and if it doesn't it's hanging on for dear life.  

Hope you find yourself inspired to have better lighting!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steel Pipe Design

Tonight I found myself flipping back through my "design" pictures.  This folder on my laptop is reserved for all types of designs I come across online that I want to flag for inspiration.  A collection of industrial, vintage, modern, and many other styles under the rainbow, I always find myself saying "I forgot about that, I want to do that!"  Well tonight I share with you one of my "want-to-do's".

I have an addiction to hardware and the beauty of industrial design.  So of course several months ago when I came across this Steel Pipe Bed design I naturally flipped!

The style of my bedroom currently doesn't lend itself to building one of these, YET, but I have a great plan for this one day!  I did price out the materials for doing this set-up, surprisingly it's not as cheap as I thought.  The elbow pipes are what get you, but I do believe I priced this bed out at around $300. Now that is considerably more affordable than your Ashley's furniture bed frame.... btw, I'm still not convinced "ashley's furniture" isn't a curse word.

Ok so for now I continue collecting pictures of all the fantastic things you can do with pipe!  Check out some ideas and maybe you'll too grow your own addiction!

Curtain/ Shower Curtain Rod
Side Table, Dining Table, Coffee Table
Desk lamp
Coolest Menorah on the block

Kick A Bike Rack!

Well, there you go.  Just promise me not to steal any of these ideas until I get a chance to build some myself!  I hope to at least have this bike rack in my next place!