Friday, March 18, 2011

DIY Lighting

I love DIY designs, probably because I love to make things.  I also just love things!  I mean, why have a boring standard lamp in your room when you can have a cool art piece that gives light?!  Here's a collection of unique DIY lighting I've stumbled across.  Some are in my back pocket waiting for the right living space to be born in!  Actually, I did attempt the last one you'll see ... the plastic cup pendant. It's actually a lot easier to build than you'd think.  

Ok well check them out, be inspired, go create!

Silverware Chandelier

Colorful Food Crates

Not DIY, just cool
Design by Rafael Morgan-Unique Design

Coffee Tin's Pendant

Vintage Coffee Tin Lamp

Tea Cup Lamp and Chandelier

Plastic Cup Pendant

If you're looking to create the "plastic cup pendant" just make sure you do Plastic, and no hot glue gun :)  I actually did mine in styrofoam but when it comes time to bending the cups into shape the styrofoam breaks and if it doesn't it's hanging on for dear life.  

Hope you find yourself inspired to have better lighting!

1 comment:

  1. That silverware chandelier is my favorite! This cool art piece will surely look good on our dining area. I wonder if it’s easy to create one. Well, I just have to try my luck and make one soon.