Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jesus the Magic Pill - Reposted

Rereading one of my old blogs, I stumbled across this post that I wrote a few years ago.  Just wanted to repost it cuse I think it's an interesting idea to ponder. 

Jesus - The Magic Pill
I think the church has sadly misinformed society by marketing Jesus as a magic pill that, if swallowed, will make you complete. Although I do believe there are transforming powers that take place, I don't believe that 'wholeness' happens this side of heaven.

Sidnote, before I begin... I'm just journaling here and I'm fully aware that there are many people whose lives represent a very good picture of what Christ was aiming for in us. This is more a venting/discovery process for me to write. Continuing on....

Embracing that completeness (in this lifetime) is a falsehood would take a lot of the pressure off believers. Somewhere down the line Christ followers developed the message that it was thier job to sell Jesus. (I beg to argue that Jesus is very capable of selling himself.) In order to push this agenda many people have adopted to finding the greatest marketing tool they can think of: themselves. Making ourselves images of the perfect restored person who dances during the rainstorms and sends God facebook status thank you notes. These days, I think the advertisement has also evolved into being 'real'. I'm normal. I'm a sinner. I'm relatable. I'm relevant. 'Hey, look, I'm just like you. Admit it and swallow the pill with me." Regardless the bottle that the message is packaged in, I think the message stays the same. We make Jesus out to be the answer that solves the question NOW. And after living a life with him for over 20 years I just can't help but ask, is he really answering this question now? Am I really complete? ...because if this is complete, then there's a whole other side of problems with this world.

Yes, I believe he is the answer and that my life is undoubtably sweetier than before. But I'm finding that it's OK to admit that the 'completeness' won't be meeting me here during this lifetime. There is a sanctification process that takes place on earth, I think Lauren Winters terms it perfectly when she describes this earthly life as a continuous process of 'becoming a christian'. We can embrace that one day when we meet our creator face to face we will be restored, we will be complete, he will be enough. In the meantime though, I don't want to be considered sacrilegious by saying, 

actually He's not enough.

Yes, he's in control. Yes I believe he's guiding me through life and catching me when I stumble down the hill of morality. However, he's just not enough for me yet. Jesus has entered my life, but he entered my life to take me on a journey, not to answer all the questions the second I let him in.

I still have fantastic days, I still have crappy days, I still have anxiety about life change, I still struggle with my inadequacy, I still have questions!

He's good, He's very good. He's saved me for the life of eternity after my human existence ceases. He's saved me now, and for a time when complete restoration will fill my heavenly bones and usher me into complete fulfillment. In the meantime, I don't want to be a rose garden of empty promises to people who are seeking for the answer now. If we were more honest about what to expect maybe it would be a more attractive/less threatening thing to investigate and find.

I trust his message, I just don't trust ours.


Monday, September 26, 2011

An Ugly Dresser just needs a little Lipstick - How To


Step 1:
Remove Hardware.  Then Sand Down your dresser. Make sure to wipe the dresser down after sanding.

Step 2:
Prime the dresser with white primer

Step 3: 
Paint the dresser with your choice of color. This will probably need several coats (boo!)

Step 4: 
After all's dry - and I mean DRY, put hardware back on. You might want to spray paint your hardware which is what I did with mine.  Quick, Easy, and Makes a huge impact!

Step 5:
Viola you've got a cute new piece for cheap!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jars and Photography and a Monkey

I recently have been trying to photograph my designs and am starting to enjoy taking photos of my random objects.  Today, I work with... jars and a monkey. Enjoy.