Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tara & Bryans Wedding

Not Bad for a first shot at flower designing a wedding all by ourselves. First time flying solo with my partner in crime Amy.  The result was quite beautiful and unique. Enjoy and be Inspired!


Sweet Fact: Since Billy Balls and Scobiosa Pods (our two main flowers) weren't the right colors, we spray painted them the green and purple that you see here.  You couldn't tell at all, and infact they looked pretty fantastic!


Sweet Fact: As pretty as our Aisles looked with the shepards hook arrangements don't let them fool you!  It took Amy alot of jumping and a sledge hammer to get them into the ground!
Sweet Fact: Bittersweet comes as a green berry.  It's only after removing it from the floral cooler and placing it in a warmer enviroment that it develops its vibrant orange and yellow shades.

Sweet Fact:  The good photos posted are from the fantastic photographer Phillip Glickman.  www.phillipglickman.com  He was so fun to work with and the girls all agreed a nice bit of eye candy as well :)

In short the wedding turned out beautiful and after a week of recouping I'm ready to do it again someday!



  1. Ooo, lovely. Love that green and purple together - so rich and fresh looking! I do love the look of real billy balls. The trick is getting them in some parts of the world (ie. mine - and I have bad luck with buying things online) plus the felted version I made is super duper cheap! But these look gorgeous!

  2. I am so happy I came across this!!!! I want those green billy balls for my wedding and could not find anything about how you actually do them! Can you let me know your process for spraying them? Did you buy them dried and then spray them? What kind of paint did you use? How far ahead of time were you able to do them and how long did they last afterwards? Any other suggestions/helpful hints??

    Your wedding was gorgeous by the way!!!

  3. Hi Melanie! Glad you came across it too! I was very happy how these arrangements turned out and was more then willing to share the innovative thinking in hopes someone would come across it :) This was actually a wedding I designed for my friend Tara, and we were both happy with how it came out!

    The Billy Balls I bought fresh the day before spraying them. I left them out of water but didn't feel the need to "dry " them, although you could. I just wrapped a paper towel around the stem so that spray paint wouldn't absorb onto the stem. I used Flower Spray paint which you can pick up at a JoAnne's Fabric, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. Let them dry after spraying and depending on the color you are going for you might want to hit them with a second coat. They lasted for a while after spraying them, I actually kept some of the extras I had left over in a vase for several months after Tara's wedding until I decided to throw them out. Hope this helps :) Also the Scobiosa Pods spray really well and are a cool look too, you can spray any of them any color. You can make the arrangements weeks ahead of time if you needed to, as long as all the other pieces in the arrangement are ok with that timeline. I made all of the one's for her wedding a few days before.

    Let me know if you have more questions :)

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