Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to make your own Ranger's T-shirt ...Cute and Cheap!

With our beloved Ranger's making their World Series debut, most of North Texas seems to be scrambling for their favorite teams apparel.  If your like me, your pocket book and schedule can't justify hunting and buying a brand new shirt to wear for a week.  Since my heart beats thrift store blood I thought why not attempt making my own thrifty Ranger's tee.  The end product was a fun shirt that fits comfortably within my style, which means I can reuse it well after the World Series results are in.

Since I thought some of you might be interested or inspired by this idea, I thought I'd write a little "how to" for you.

Materials You'll Need
  • T-Shirt (whatever style floats your fashion boat)
  • Fun fabric (either fabric by the yard or from an old shirt)
  • Homemade Stencil
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Fabric Glue
  • Thick Thread and Needle

Step 1

Find an image online that you'd like to copy onto your shirt.  Make sure it's simple, traceable and can easily be cut out.  I chose the Rangers "T" symbol and hunky Josh Hamilton's number 32.  Both these were easy to find and easy to stencil.  Print the image off (preferably on stock paper) and cut out.

Step 2

Lay your stencil on the backside of your fabric and trace it with your sharpie.  Make sure the image is flipped backwards as you trace it onto you fabric since your drawing it on the backside of the fabric
and it will be flipped on the shirt.  After you trace the image then cut it out. Make sure to keep the sides smooth and straight.

Step 3

Lay your shirt flat and measure out the placement of your fabric cut outs.  You might want to try the shirt on, as sometimes the shirt can be sewn to fit differently than it looks laying flat.  I found this out the hard way when I first started and glued my "T" down on the front of the shirt, only to find out that the shirt was irregular and my "T" was crooked. 

Step 4

Once you've measured it out, take your glue and apply it to your fabric cut out.  Hint: Make sure you have cardboard or a book or something inside the shirt so that the glue doesn't bleed through onto the other side of the Tee.  Apply to shirt. Let dry.

Step 5

Stitch around all the edges of your fabric cut out.  This is mostly for aesthetic and a little for security.  It's okay that it's not stitched perfectly, if its a little uneven it adds to the funky factor.

Step 6

Wear it, Enjoy it, and cheer for the Rangers!

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